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Bar Games

These games have been specifically designed so there's no balls or bean bags flying everywhere & they don't take up too much space to make them perfect for indoors but are just as good outside as well.

With some traditional pub games alongside a few surprises, these are sure to keep your guests entertained all evening.

I'm in the process of making these so I will add pics as soon as I have them. Please follow the link at the bottom to our Facebook page so you can see these as soon as they are done.

How it works

These are set up for you before your guests arrive.

We will collect them the next morning if they are being used indoors or after 9pm if they are outside.

Price includes delivery within 10 miles of Brough East Yorkshire (HU15), we are happy to travel further, up to about an hour, but there will be an extra delivery charge.

4 Games £TBC

6 Games £TBC

Table skittles

An old traditional pub game.

Swing the ball round the pole & try to knock them all down in as few goes as possible.

Marble maze

Get the marble all the way to the finish line without letting it drop through a hole.

Infuriating but addictive!

Skee ball

An arcade game popular in America.

Roll the ball along the base, up the ramp & into the holes to try and get the highest score


Push the counters along the table & try to get into the highest scoring sections but don't go too far or they'll fall off the end!

Go fish

An adult version of hook a duck for up to 4 people.

Hook all your 'fish' and place them in your 'net', the quickest wins.

Mini table games

These just go on your existing bar tables so don't take up any extra space.

There's no excuse! Get everyone playing while they sit and chat.

Choose any 4 of our mini games as one item, we have multiples of some games so you can have this as 2 of your items if you wish.

              Choose from:

Foosball (x2)

Bagatelle (x2)

Buzz wire (x2)

Basketball shooting (x2)

Ring the bull

Shoot the moon