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Carnival Games

For all the fun of the Fair!

All the games you remember from the fairground with a whole new look.

All our carnival games packages include set up, everything you need to play the games & our Fun 'n' Games this way sign.

They are set up for you before your guests arrive and collected after 10pm.

3 Games - £215

5 Games - £295

8 Games - £375

All prices are + delivery. Get in touch to find out what this would be for your venue.

If you are putting them in a floodlit area or indoors and wish to keep them longer please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Manned games

If you would like one of us to be on hand to put up tin cans & coconuts, collect balls & bean bags, help your guests to have as much fun as possible and keep the laughter coming we can provide this service.

Why not supply prizes for us to give out to your guests.

These could be sweets, bar tokens or something more personal to you.

This is £15 per hour and the delivery charge (if applicable) will be halved if you would like us to stay for the full time you are having the games.

Please note this is not a creche service, children remain the responsibility of the adults accompanying them.

Please choose from

Coconut shy

Great for photo ops, this is always the most popular game with adults and kids alike.

Can be used with the traditional wooden balls or bean bags which are better suited to kids, hard ground or indoors.

Shooting Gallery

10 Green bottles sitting on a wall

Nerf guns are popular with all ages and this gets everyone involved.

How many bottles can you knock off the wall?

Duck races

Go head to head with your friends & family to get your duck to the end first using only an air pump.

Not the best game if it's windy as the duck will just get blown to one end, let us know on the day if you wish to swap to another game.

Not suitable for little ones as they will struggle to use the pumps.

Tin can alley

These vintage floral cans look fabulous and always grab the attention. Kids and adults love to throw the bean bags and see them tumbling.

These can get blown down if its too windy but are usually fine in a sheltered spot.

Beat the buzzer

How steady is your hand? 

See how far you can get without setting off the buzzer.

Please note this can be VERY annoying if little ones are attending!


One of the old favorites.

With pretty ribbon covered rings and bunting this is great for little ones as well as a bit of rivalry between adults.

Bean bag toss

Everyone loves this one.

Easy enough for the little ones to play but challenging to get the higher scores.

Mouse hole golf

Practice your putting or just have some fun. Everyone gets involved with this.

Comes with golf clubs in various sizes to suit everyone from 3 years old to adult as well as left handed.

Best where the grass is cut short or we have foam balls & artificial turf available so this can also be used indoors or on hard ground.

Large Hook a Duck

Perfect for little kids or anyone that's a big kid at heart!

All the ducks have a number on the base you you can play a game. Or why not provide prizes that can be won by finding the one duck with a 7 on the base.

Stand a bottle & Ball in bucket

Both games are equal parts skill, perseverance and luck!

There is a trick to each. With helpful tips included, who of your guests will master them?

Photos of Ball in bucket will follow shortly.

As these games are both smaller they count as 1 choice together.

Splat the rat

It's all about the timing!

Try and splat the rat before it hits the floor.