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To celebrate weddings getting back to normal we are offering

10% off all new bookings for 2021 & 2022

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(Offer excludes real flowers)

Table Centrepieces

We offer a large range of flower arrangements & centrepieces to suit any scheme and budget.

Below are a few of our more popular pieces but we can do many others not shown here.

If you have an idea or would like something specific please get in touch, or we can work to a budget.


Decorated in beautiful faux ivory roses and gypsophila, with 9 tea lights winding around the inside & standing at nearly 3ft tall these stunning centrepieces are sure to impress your guests.

Comes with either mirror plate or log round to sit on.


Add in roses to match your colour scheme for an extra £5

We also have top table birdcages, a seating plan & post box to match.

Vintage suitcases

This genuine vintage small suitcase is bursting with real foliage, gypsophila & paper flowers made out of vintage style maps, (these can be swapped if you prefer).

Perfect for any travel themed or vintage wedding but you don't have to have a themed wedding to use this, it looks great at any event and would be a real talking point.

Comes with a small arrangement around the back so your guests will enjoy this from all angles.

As they are genuine vintage suitcases they are all different shapes, sizes & neutral colours ranging from cream to dark brown.


These look great decorated in lots of different ways.

There are too many to list all of them but here are a few to give you some ideas.

Or you why not line the aisle with them, hang them from trees or light a pathway.

Surrounded by 3 jars of Gyp & 3 tea lights £25

With tea light holder, jar of flowers & succulents inside, from £25

Pillar candle & ring of faux flowers £20

Surrounded by flowers, succulents & foliage, usually £30-40 depending on flowers.

Cylinder vases

There are many ways to use these. 

From underwater flowers with floating candles to coloured crystals and pillar candles, they look stunning

3 vases with faux flowers & floating candles £15

3 vases with real foliage & floating candles £18

3 vases with real flowers starting at £25

3 vases with crystals & pillar candles £15

Rustic jars & flowers

This charming display will complement any rustic themed wedding.

Includes large 30-40cm log ring with 3 smaller logs, 3 jam jars with tea lights (choose from our sets of tea light holders), 3 bottles with gypsophila and Roses in your choice of colour. 


This also looks great with wild flowers but can be done with whatever arrangements you like. Or for a vintage look, swap the log rounds for books, we have a set of 1903 encyclopedias' for the base and various other sizes to give different levels.

Can also be done as a smaller centrepiece for less.

Rustic Flower Vase

The rustic vase with rope handles and log round contrasts beautifully with the delicate flowers.

This would look amazing at any wedding.

Comes with your choice of log round, mirror (it looks great on our square mirrors) or vintage books and 4 tea light holders of your choice.

Usually £20 - £30 depending on flowers

Silver hurricane lantern

These lovely candle holders on the silver stand make a perfect smaller centrepiece.

These also look gorgeous on a mirror plate, filled with fairy lights or surrounded by foliage.

With faux flowers £15

With real flowers typically £20

These lanterns come in 2 sizes and can be decorated in a number of different ways, here are just a few of them to give you some ideas.

Sml lantern on log or vintage books with jar of flowers & tea light £25

Lg lantern with pillar candle & faux flower ring £20

Surrounded by flowers, succulents & foliage, usually £30-40 depending on flowers.

You can also 

Have a flower arrangement spilling out of the open door.

Take the glass out and let the flowers flow out on all sides.

Put a small bunch of flowers on the roof that cascades down.

Line the aisle with the large lanterns on the floor and/or the small ones on shepherds crooks.

Amber or green bottles

With 3 to 5 different sized amber or green bottles, tea lights & flowers to match your scheme,

Used in many different ways, these can be adapted for any style.

Why not have one with fairy lights in or one with the bottom cut off and place it over a candle.

Comes with your choice of mirror plate or log round.

3 bottle arrangement from £20

5 bottle arrangement from £30

price is dependent on the flowers you choose.


With 3 floating real flowers in the colour of your choice, bear grass, not shown in this picture, and a coloured light to match or contrast, bright enough to show up during daylight but can be dimmed for the evening.

Comes with 5 tealights of your choice and a mirror plate or log round.

With Gerbera £18

With Roses £23


Standing on a plinth covered in artificial roses, ivy and pearls, these candelabras make a real statement. Comes with mirror and candles in your choice of colour.


The plinths can also be decorated with real flowers, like the top table tea light arches below, and look great with many different centerpieces.

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We love top table decorations that go all the way along the table, or even off the end!

They make a big impact for your guests and look amazing in photographs.

With a large selection of Victorian bottles, vintage candlesticks, tea light holders, mini lanterns & birdcages, cylinder vases & much more to choose from, we have something to cater for every taste & style.

These come as part of our wedding package or can be hired separately.

Top table birdcages

Perfect with our birdcage centrepieces.

One large and two small for the centre of the table with a pillar candle in each, and a smaller version of our large birdcages for each end with 4 tea lights winding up inside. Decorated with faux ivory roses & gypsophila. Comes with mirror plates or log rounds.


Add in roses to match your colour scheme for an extra £5

Top table centrepiece

We can do real flower centrepieces to suit any colour scheme or style.

These long narrow arrangements fit a top table & the signing table at your ceremony perfectly.

Tea light arches

Consists of one large arch in the center that takes 7 tea lights that stands on a plinth that can be filled with real flowers or artificial flowers, like the candelabra above & two smaller arches for the ends that take 5 candles each. 

You can choose from one of our sets of metallic tea light holders below or use clear glass ones.

With artificial flowers £35

With real flowers from £50

Tea light holders

Metallic mercury tea lights

They come in copper, gold, rose gold and silver.

Looks best in 3's or 5's, Price includes tea light

Per tea light holder 50p

Jam jar tea lights

We have jam jar tea lights in sets of hessian and lace, rose gold and sisal or copper and twine net, Jars come in a mixture of shapes and sizes. Price includes tea light. 

Per tea light holder 50p

These come included with many of our centrepieces or can be hired to go with your own decor.

They usually look best in 3's or 5's and come complete with tea lights or LED votive candles.

We have lots of different colours and styles to choose from.

50p each


Whether it's a touch of bling with crystals to match your colour or rustic charm with our bark hearts, we have the perfect thing to finish off the look.