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Traditional Lawn games

Including nostalgic lawn games & some larger versions of board games you probably played in your childhood, 

as well as a few new ones you may not have seen before.

There is sure to be something for everyone.

All our traditional games packages include set up, everything you need to play the games & our Lawn Games sign.

We do recommend that children are supervised while playing these games.

These games are set up at your venue before your guests arrive and picked up after 9pm

We collect at 9pm as we find people don't tend to play the games outside once it gets dark & the dancing starts.

If you are putting them in a floodlit area or indoors and wish to keep them longer please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

2022 prices:

5 games - £150

8 games - £200

2023 prices:

5 games - £175

8 games - £235

Noughts & Crosses

Fun for any age. Gets granny playing with the little ones.

A great game to play with a glass of fizz in your hand!

Connect 4

Giant version of the popular game


Our version of the classic pub game.

I've not quite finished it yet (still need to make the sides to the alley) but couldn't resist putting it on here already.

Great for all ages, this will keep people entertained for hours.


This classic games has been played on the lawns of stately homes for generations.

Best with quite a bit of space but the playing area can be adapted to the space available.

Great if you have lots of room you'd like to fill.

Our set includes 6 mallets, matching coloured balls & a sign with the order of hoops on.

The mallets are medium in size so they are big enough for adults to use but light enough for the kids too.

We set the course up for you so it's all ready for your guests to start playing.


Thought to be brought to Britain by the romans this game is still popular in many back yards across the country today.

Easy to play for the little ones or keep score for a serious tournament.


This traditional game is over 300 years old.

Invented in Europe, it's now very popular in the USA & Canada but almost unheard of back here.

With 1 point for getting a bean bag on the board & 3 points for in the hole, why not challenge your friends to a tournament.

Comes with the rules so your guests can play a match.


Everyone's favourite.

Standing at 4 feet tall before you start, it can reach well over 6  feet if your good enough!

Sure to keep your guests busy for hours.


A popular game all over the world

Tin can alley

Can you knock down all 10 cans?

This is always a favourite.

Ring toss

An old favourite

Sports day races

Recreate your school sports day.

This is a great way to tire the kids out or have a bit of fun yourselves.


4 sacks big enough for adults as well

4 wooden eggs & spoons 

4 x 3 legged race ties.

Selfie frame

Not really a game but get some great photos and have a bit of fun too.

Comes with one of the signs shown. Please state which one you would like when booking.

Snakes & ladders

Throw our giant dice & move your wellie (counter) up and down the board.

Great for all ages, this is a game where kids are on equal ground with adults.

Comet darts

Throw the comets at the target and try to get a bullseye for maximum points.